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Releasing The Bobbi

· Open Source

Totem Open Health is proud to announce the release of its new open source health wearable - The Bobbi. Filling a hole in the market and providing you the health tool you’ve been looking for in vain, until now.

The wearable market lacks open systems giving researchers, innovators, and developers the freedom to gather and own raw data, and to modify it freely. Which is why Totem Open Health releases an Open Source ECG and Motion Sensor.

In today’s rapidly developing world, technology is being applied to almost everything. The same goes for our health, and is happening more and more in the private sector. The rise of wearables is led by big companies who offer sports, sleep or vital signs tracking thanks to devices such as bracelets, watches and mobile phones. All the data is curated and made user friendly for the consumers to track their activities in order to live a healthier life. However, the data isn’t always private to the user only, and the types of insights are limited to what the providers want to make available.

Totem Open Health addresses this issue by releasing its new health wearable - The Bobbi - which collects and provides raw data directly to the users. It is up to the users to decide what to do with the data, and which parts they want to focus on. The device is an open source ECG monitor and motion sensor which allows the users to build their own algorithms in order to extract specific insights from the collected data.

The Bobbi has a lot of potential, and it is to its users to unlock it. If you don’t have the necessary skills to do it on your own, it is possible to initiate a joint project with Totem Open Health who are going to help you develop a custom application for the issue you want to address. Companies and other organisations also work on projects together with Totem Open Health and their open source hardware.

The possibilities are endless, you can measure stress, sports performance, breathing and detect certain diseases like pneumonia, monitor pregnancies, ‘unfreeze’ Parkinson’s Disease patients, measure wheelchair performance, monitor posture, sleep and much more. Some of these examples are already being worked on by Totem in cooperation with other organisations.

At this moment the wearables are only available upon request. In the future, everybody should be able to produce their own sensors. After all, it is open source.

The Totem Open Health Team.

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